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Celebrity Invitations and Our Cards in the Media

Rectangular Pocketfold Crystal Docket Invitations - Envelopments style

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To inquire about prices or to place an order, call our office at 1-718-676-9146

Size : 7" x 7.5"  Weight : 55gms
Paisley print with detailed self-embossing makes the invitation card a beauty to behold. The front has the door-open style and is tied by a tassel. 
Invitation Card (Click on the card to see the inside!)

Size : 7.75" x 9.25"  Weight : 75gms
Same as above, except rectangle in size
(Click on the card to see the inside!)

Size : 7.75" x 9.25"  Weight : 75gms; Same as above, except rectangle and green
Invitation Card (Click on the card to see the inside!)

Size: 7.75" x 9.25"  Weight: 75gms; Same as above, except golden-pearl printed front with self embossed motifs in rows;  The two inserts are plain and the envelope has bordered detail.
(Click on the card to see the inside!)

Size: 7.75" x 9.25"  Weight: 75gms; Same as above, except golden-blue
Invitation Card (Click on the card to see the inside!)

Size: 6.25" x 7"  Weight: 65gms; Maroon handmade paper sheet, door open style card (300gsm), inserts are golden textured sheet and  natural shade cream for envelope (100gsm).
(Click on the card to see the inside!)

Size: 8" x 10"  Weight: 70gms; This door open style card, tied by a silk ribbon has brown cloudy texture base over cream colored wooly paper, envelope in red colored paper (200gsm each), orange and light purple colored wooly paper for 2 inserts (70gsm). The front has golden borders and the paste-ups with a glitter floral image base in gold. The inserts have golden colored border design. The envelope is plain.

(Click on the card to see the inside!)

Size : 8" x 6"  Weight : 70gms
A unique door open style invitation with dried original leaf pasted on the cover with traditional string border all around. Has two inserts with same string border.  Envelope also in same material with the string border.  Matching tassel closes the folding doors.

(Click on the card to see the inside!)

Same as above, except red
(Click on the card to see the inside!)

Size: 7.75" x 9.25"; Weight: 85gms; 
This red colored on off-white paper royal invitation with ribbed texture base, door open style card tied by a silken tassel with white vellum paper interleaf (200gsm), natural shade off white paper with ribbed texture base for 2 inserts and envelope (200gsm each). The front of this card shows a golden printed palatial door image having paisley motifs in gold and crystal highlights. The maroon and gold combination silken tassel ties the doors. The interleaf has an arch image border design in white with glitter floral motifs as base. The inner door folds have golden border. The inserts have been die cut in the arch style and have maroon borders with a golden image window design. The envelope has golden and maroon arch style border accompanied by a golden decorative border at the bottom.

(Click on the card to see the inside!)


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Majestic Invites unique designer wedding invitations and other unique wedding invitations are handmade and created using only the finest rare imported papers. They are customizable to suit your colors, themes and needs. You can create your own wedding invitation or ask us to make your wedding card. The cards displayed can be re-created with changes in color, design, size, pattern etc.
Our special collection of designer wedding invitations, exclusive other event invitation designs, ethnic wedding cards and fancy cards will help you find the most suitable card for your event.

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We also offer Custom Wedding Invitations designed to reflect your personality and your event. Once we create your custom wedding invitation, we send you your proofs via email in color digital format.
Please fill out our Custom Wedding Invitation form to find out more about getting an exclusive wedding invitation.
Print methods range from off-set printing (flat printing) to thermography, engraving and letterpress.

To schedule your consultation, call our office at 1-718-676-9146


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