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Invitation Themes

Do you have a theme? Or want a personalized monogram? Are there any symbols that you want printed on your invitation? 

You can choose from our symbols collection below, or you can send us your own symbols. 
Symbols can be printed on your scrolls or cards at no additional charge.  They are optional. They embellish the card's look, especially if printed in Gold or Silver. You may also find that certain symbols can truly make your theme stand out on the invitation. Feel free to choose one!

Here are the symbols categorized by theme:

Symbols that can be used to divide / organize parts of text on your card

Symbols that can be used for placing your monogram inside.

Christian Theme / Christian Symbols
Symbols relating to Christianity, such as crosses

Jewish Theme  / Jewish Symbols
Symbols relating to Judaism, such as stars of david, huppahs, etc

Hindu Theme Symbols / Buddhism Theme Symbols
Symbols relating to India and Buddhism, such as Ganesh or Om.

Asian Theme / Asian Symbols

Baby Theme / Baby Symbols
Symbols relating to babies, christening, baptism, bris and baby birth announcements.

Fairy Tale Cinderella Theme / Princess Theme
Castles, tiaras, carriage, slipper, cenerentola symbols

Aladdin Symbols / Aladdin Theme / Jasmine Theme
Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie, Bottle, Sultan and other symbols

Hollywood Theme / Hollywood Symbols

Graduation Theme / Graduation Symbols

Moroccan Theme / Moroccan Symbols


Symbols for the following themes are available upon request. They will be posted soon.

Party Symbols / Party Theme
Symbols relating to parties and/or celebrations

Medieval Symbols / Medieval Theme

Celtic Symbols / Celtic Theme

Egyptian Symbols / Egyptian Theme

Arabian Nights Symbols / Araian Nights Theme

Birthday Party Symbols / Birthday Party Theme

Anniversary Party Symbols / Anniversary Party Theme

Casino Party Theme / Vegas Nights Theme & Symbols

Luau Hawaiian Symbols / Luau Hawaiian Theme

Fiesta Symbols / Fiesta Theme

Jungle - Safari Symbols / Jungle - Safari Theme

Nautical Symbols / Nautical Theme

Mardi Gras Symbols / Mardi Gras Theme

Paris Symbols / Paris Theme

Destination Symbols / Destination Theme


To schedule your phone consultation, call our office at 1-718-676-9146.

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