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Celebrity Invitations and Our Cards in the Media

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Corporate invitations to represent your company!
Your company is unique... make a great impression on your colleagues and clients with corporate invitations and cards that show your originality. We can print our invitations for any event, i.e.  cocktail party invitation, fashion show invitation, fundraiser invitation, golf invitation, grand opening announcement, luncheon invitation, retirement announcement, seminar invitation, sporting event invitation, teambuilding invitation, we've moved or moving announcement, winter gala invitation, Christmas party invitation, corporate party invitation, we have it all. All of our corporate business invitations, corporate announcements, and corporate event cards can be personalized with your company name or logo. Browse through all cards or choose from one of our card categories. Selecting your corporate business invitations and cards has never been so easy.

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Corporate Invitations

Corporate Invitations - Unique Cards

Corporate Invitations - Unique Scroll Cards
Corporate Invitations - One of a kind collection
Corporate Cards with gems - Jeweled Invitations

One of a kind, custom high-end invitations made for royalty can now be yours. 

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The invitations you select set the tone for your event.  Invitations that are truly unique and customized to each individual situation are the specialty of, your one-stop destination for distinctive corporate invitations, stationery, and announcements.  We offer a large variety of invitations that are appropriate for corporate events, seminar programs and announcements.  Whatever your corporate occasion, looks forward to helping you select invitations that are "just right" for you! 

Corporate Business Holiday Cards - All of our corporate business holiday cards can be personalized with your company or family name.  Browse through all cards or choose from one of our card categories, and then pick the verse of your choice. Selecting your corporate business holiday cards has never been so easy.

Corporate Invitations, Announcements & Stationery - A very large selection of personalized invitations, corporate announcements and labels. Perfect for event announcements, corporate party invitations, fundraisers, seminars, moving, and much, much more! Invitations & announcements for every occasion!

Corporate Holiday Invitations, Announcements & Cards - A huge selection of holiday-themed invitations, greeting cards, stationery, labels, and more, printed in-store for fast delivery.  Great for Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Winter season.

Corporate Invitations are available in a variety of styles for corporate parties, conventions, commercial and company events, grand openings, moving as well as other business-related cards, invitations and announcements. View our unique line of corporate invitations or create your own unique corporate invitations by mix and matching our invitation styles.

View our complete collection of Corporate Party & Business Event Invitations

Corporate Invitations, Announcements & Cards   for your  Style, Budget, Event

To inquire about pricing or to place an order, call our office at 1-718-676-9146

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Corporate Invitations - Anniversary Party Invitations | Do you enjoy office parties? Are you planning on organizing a corporate party, meeting, or a conference? Thinking of a corporate party, meeting or a conference often seems to be boring, mainly because it lacks energy or a social party. But you would certainly not want your corporate anniversary party to be boring. Like any other company function, an anniversary is a special occasion, as the entire work force meets in a non-working environment with the intention of having fun. One of the best ways of making it memorable is to make it creative. This party should inspire team spirit and brand loyalty. It is a rare corporate occasion so hire a corporate event planner to help make it the best. You can select a theme for the party and ask the planner to build the ambience around a particular theme. A corporate party can never be complete without the tradition of exchanging gifts. This custom has been around since years, signifying appreciation and joy on the part of the presenter. Corporate gifts can be presented to colleagues, bosses or business associates on a number of occasions, especially corporate anniversaries. It helps in boosting the morale of employees. Selecting a gift has never been easier and requires a lot of thoughtfulness, no matter what the occasion. However, for a corporate anniversary, personalized gifts like clocks, desk accessories and photo- frames can be presented. Besides, flowers like roses, daffodils, dahlias are also considered as ideal corporate gifts. Moreover, with the Internet you can select the best suitable gift item from a number of choices and can offer it your seniors through the net itself.

Corporate Invitations - Moving Announcements | Corporate moving announcements and invitations are a great way to let all your friends, family and clients know that your business has been relocated. As most of us already know, moving your business location from one place to another can be quite a tedious task and is often an intimidating ordeal. One of the best ways to organize this whole process is to create a checklist for all those people you would want to announce your move to. Most importantly, when you are changing addresses, you have to make sure that all your suppliers and customers are updated. Once you have figured who you want to send corporate moving announcements and invitations to, your next step should be to determine the exact quantity that will be required and make sure that all the information included in the announcements is correct. Next, you will have to include the new address. One of the biggest decisions for you to make is to decide on what type of moving announcement you would like to send out. Remember that your announcement must contain relevant information regarding your organization relocation. Corporate moving announcements donít have to be formal and traditional.

Corporate Invitations - Grand Opening Announcements | Ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremonies do not have to be restricted to businesses only. You could even have a grand opening if you are starting a new restaurant or if you are opening a shop. You can hold your grand opening at the place where you are going to operate your business or you can hold the celebration at home with all your friends, family and neighbors. While planning your grand opening ceremony, the first step in the planning process is to send out the grand opening announcements and invitations to all your friends and family and even neighbors, in fact anyone you would like to invite. This is the best way to get started. The announcements and invitations can be dropped into the mailboxes or you can send them by post. When inviting people for your ceremony, always remember that the more the merrier! When making the grand opening announcements, there are many factors to consider. Firstly, you will have to write a whole list of people that you would like to send the announcements to. Secondly, you will have to ensure that all the information regarding the grand opening and the business you are starting is correct. Then, you must mention the date, time and venue of the ceremony. Next, you will have to decide on the type of announcements. Remember that your announcements should contain all the information on the upcoming event.  It is advisable to send out traditional invitations. Get in touch with and estimate the cost and time it takes for production. If you have a fixed commitment from a big shot to attend your grand opening and if you feel that his or her presence will attract more attendees, then make sure that you include it in the announcement. Grand opening announcements should be given out at least two weeks prior to the event. Your grand opening announcement or invitation must always suit the type of function that you are planning. Nowadays, your biggest decision would be how to word your announcements appropriately. One of the greatest advantages of creating your own grand opening announcements is the ability to include your own name in the verse and to personalize the announcement. From business grand openings to restaurant grand openings, the wordings used in the grand opening announcements and invitations should vary with the type of announcement. Whatever may be the case, the wordings used in grand opening announcements are extremely important because it helps to set the mood for the event.